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Our Guarantees

Delivered to your door for free based on your schedule.

Nobody wants to carry a 30 lb. bag of pet food or kitty litter and we get that.  No one also ever wants to wait around for the “delivery guy” in our busy lives either.  That's why at Naturally Urban Pet Food Delivery we will deliver your order within a one hour window that fits your schedule.  We work 7 days a week from 9am until 9pm to deliver your pet food right to your door (or even into your cupboard) with a smile. 


All natural, quality pet food.

Here at Naturally Urban Pet Food we only delivery premium natural pet food. You don’t have to worry about what your pets are eating as we work only with the best. We have lots of choices for you. Some people are interested in raw,  grain free, kibble or canned and we’ve got you covered. We even have food for those pets that have put on a few extra pounds or their grey is starting to show.  


Lowest prices.

We have shopped the competition to make sure we've got the best prices in the market.  If you find a cheaper price drop us a line and we will happily match their pricing for you.


Give back to a charity of your choice with each purchase.

We don't believe in spending money on mainstream marketing or paying high prices for overpriced retail space when we can instead give that money back to local charities. On your initial purchase, 10% of your purchase amount (and 5% of all subsequent purchases) will be donated to a charity of your choice from vetted charities that we work with. If you have a registered charity that you would like us to work with, give us their details and we will see if we can get them on the list.   We do need to be selective so not all charities can make the list. Right now we are working with a few great ones, including A loving Spoonfu, BCSPCAl and Vancouver Orphan Rescue Association (VOKRA).


Environmentally responsible.

We are striving to be as environmentally responsible as possible.   This means we will try to use as little paper as possible, and when we do, it will be recycled and double sided. Don’t expect any paper bills or invoices because we will be sending those electronically to you. All of our vehicles we procure will be either electric or hybrid or even better yet, we may use no energy at all with bicycle carts. Once we are big enough to move into our own space, it will be LEED certified.


Support a local business.

We are a little local business down the street that started up because we didn't want to lug around a 30 pound bag of pet food and we dreaded the chore of picking up the kitty litter.   Since no one else was offering this service in Vancouver, we figured we’d do it and do it right!


We deliver only the big bags. Why?

Did you know that when you buy a small bag of pet food, you are paying double the price per pound compared to a big bag. Or, if you buy the medium bag, you are paying 30% more. That’s crazy, especially as this stuff ain’t cheap to start with. And here’s another little secret… Your pet is going to eat more than the big bag, so you might as well buy the big bag and save! We promise you there is a great space for the bag in your coat closet. It really doesn’t take up much more room, especially, when we are going to bring it right to you. In the long run, it will save you a lot of money and time.

And that’s the Naturally Urban Pet Food Delivery difference; great prices, excellent service and giving back to our local community.

Naturally Urban Pet Food Delivery